Celebrate 25 years with our 25th Anniversary Cider Growler Launch!

July 14, 2016
Cider Growler 25 years

Wow. It’s been 25 years. 25 years of crafting hard cider right here in Vermont. It was 25 years ago that Greg Failing crafted Amber for the first time in a two-car garage. It’s been a quarter of a century. Two and a half decades. Wow!

Needless to say, we’re excited to celebrate this Silver Anniversary. Though we have a wee little music event coming up this August 20th (and by wee little, we mean 10,000 fans in our backyard), our Cider Makers took to the cellar and crafted a new cider that represents both the innovation and green mountains that fuel us here at Woodchuck.

Introducing the Woodchuck 25th Anniversary Cider! 

Woodchuck’s 25th Anniversary Cider is a cider worth celebrating, and here’s what you need to know…

Only available in our Green Mountain state

25th Anniversary cider will only be available on draft in Vermont. Come to our Cider House in Middlebury for a sample and growler, or keep an eye out at your favorite restaurants near you.

The highest ABV cider we’ve crafted at 8.4%!

A satisfying sip with fresh apple and hints of oak, this cider yields the highest ABV to ever come out of the Woodchuck Cidery.

Culinary apples from Vermont, and bittersweet cider apples from New Hampshire.

The apples used to craft 25th Anniversary is a combination of culinary apples from Sunrise Orchards just 10 miles away from the cidery, and bittersweet cider apples from our neighbors at Poverty Lane Orchards in New Hampshire.

Aged in oak barrels.

Barrel aged ciders have been a staple of the innovation here at Woodchuck. With that being said, it only made sense to age this one-of-a-kind cider in our whisky barrels.

We’re having a growler launch at the Cider House on Friday, July 22nd!

Join us from 11am-6pm on Friday, July 22nd for a birthday CIDERbration! The 25th Anniversary will be on draft, and custom growlers available. We’ll have cupcakes, décor, and the Cider Makers available to answer all of your questions!

BONUS: Be one of the first 25 to stop by, and we’ll cover the growler fee!

Raise a glass with us and toast our silver anniversary!

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