2014 on the Solar Orchard

April 20, 2015
2014 Solar Orchard

Along with implementing Cow Power into our renewable energy portfolio, Woodchuck® Cider worked with AllEarth Renewables to install a Solar Orchard in Bridport, just a few miles down the road from our cidery.

It was predicted in the first year it would produce 200,000 kWh (kilo-watt hours) of electricity.  In the 12 months from when the solar orchard went live in March 2013, it produced 248,000 kWh, a 24% increase over what was predicted! In the year 2014, the orchard produced 250,869 kWh.  All told, the Solar Orchard ends up accounting for close to 15% of our power!

Solar Orchard 2014

Between the 25% from Cow Power and the 15% from the Solar Orchard, the Woodchuck Cidery is now 40% renewable!

 So for Earth Week 2015, help us continue working towards a better world! 

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