Winter Chill

Winter Chill Woodchuck

Oak aged apple

The chill of winter sends some running for the mountains, while others prefer to stay cozy in the comfort of the great indoors. Whichever way you enjoy winter, this cider is built to get you through. Aged in premium French and traditional American oak, Winter Chill brings a rich depth of apple flavor with hints of vanilla and oak throughout.

Ciders that are conditioned in barrels or bottles to fuse flavors

  • Aroma

    Fresh pressed apple with hints of oak

  • Feel

    Medium bodied, light carbonation

  • Taste

    Oak and vanilla with pleasant lingering aftertaste

  • Sight

    Deep copper

The Woodchuck Winter Cider Snickerdoodle

The Woodchuck® Winter Chill Snickerdoodle cookie is baked with one of our unique seasonals. Winter Chill is aged with French and American oak and finished with a touch of vanilla. Added to the makings of a Snickerdoodle delight, the cider adds its own sweet spin on the traditional dessert. Ready to test it out? Here’s the recipe for our Woodchuck Winter Chill Snickerdoodle!

Full Recipe