Enjoy Woodchuck Cider at the Red White and Brew, Hammond, LA!

Come enjoy Woodchuck Cider at the Red White and Brew on Saturday, March 29th! From 7:30pm – 9:00pm head to 120 E. Thomas St. in Hammond, LA. See you there!



Enjoy Woodchuck Cider at Zapp’s International Beerfest!

Come enjoy Woodchuck Cider at Zapp’s International Beerfest on Saturday, March 29th! Head to the Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, LA from 3:30pm – 6:00pm. See you there!



Celebrate Woodchuck Day at Attivo Pizzeria & Bar, Denver, CO!

Head down to the Attivo Pizzeria & Bar in Denver, CO to Celebrate Woodchuck Day™ this year! From 9:15-10:15 PM on Saturday, February 1st, come and enjoy a Woodchuck Cider for this nation-wide holiday. See you there!

Woodchuck® Amber Turkey Chili, AND the Cellar Series Smoked Apple? TOUCHDOWN!


There’s nothing like football. Lazy-day clothes, house full of people, and food (a never-ending buffet of food).  You start with savory appetizers such as potato skins and spinach artichoke dip, and then move on to those hardy meat dishes. However, there’s always that one dish simmering throughout the day, fueling that roaring cheer. Chili! Scooped up with chips, or covered with cheese, the dish will keep you toasty warm and satisfied throughout the game. Want to put a twist on your usual recipe? Well it may be time to try the Woodchuck® Amber Turkey Chili.

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Woodchuck Wednesday Thanksgiving Countdown!
Recipe #1: Woodchuck 802 Cider Cranberry Sauce

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As we embrace the month of November, we start the final countdown to… Thanksgiving! It’s that amazing holiday where we give thanks and eat until we drop. With endless variations of endless dishes, no two holiday dinner tables are the same (but all are equally delicious!). With that said, we thought we’d help throw a little bit of flair into that cooking. As you drool in anticipation over the next couple of weeks, make sure to follow our Woodchuck Wednesday Countdown to Thanksgiving! Each Woodchuck Wednesday until the big feast, we will post a Thanksgiving recipe that uses Woodchuck Cider as a secret ingredient. Wow those guests with these exciting and unique dishes. So without further adieu… the countdown to Thanksgiving!

22 Days until Thanksgiving…

Woodchuck® 802 Cider Cranberry Sauce!

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