4 Places To Visit Out West This National Park Week


So it’s Earth Week, eh? It’s a time to focus on how we strive to better our planet and a reason to celebrate our Earth’s natural beauty. From desert to forest, we are spoiled with breathtaking landscapes. We don’t think there’s much of a coincidence between our celebration of Earth Week, and the National Park Service bringing focus to their outstanding parks. Tomorrow it’s time to get up, get outside, and Celebrate National Park Week! Check out some tips on where to go if you’re out west!

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What is American Forests? A guest post from the nonprofit

American Forests Guest Post Header

(A guest post from the American Forests Nonprofit) 

Founded in 1875, American Forests is the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country and has served as a catalyst for many of the most important milestones in the conservation movement.

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Earth Week 2014!


We here at Woodchuck® take great pride in crafting the highest quality cider in the land.  One of the key parts of that last sentence is “the land”.  Without a healthy earth, apples won’t grow, and without apples there is no Woodchuck.

We have worked hard to keep an eye on the environment as we have grown over the last 23 years.  We were one of the first to change our packaging to recycled material.  We also continue to work on bringing more renewable energy into our power portfolio.  We’ll talk more about this as the week goes on, but first we want to let you know about our Woodchuck Earth Week 2014!

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President’s Notebook


A message from Woodchuck President and CEO Bret Williams

Another incredible Earth Week Campaign in the books. The results have been greater than we could have imagined.  7,311 trees planted this year and 42,033 total in the last four years.  That equates to around 123 football fields of fresh forest planted since 2010.

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New Woodchuck Orchard Harvests the Sun


In the central Vermont farm town of Bridport, a new orchard is taking root.  The 1.5 acre orchard sits about 10 miles from the Woodchuck Cidery in Middlebury, Vermont.  Its crop is electricity, and its food source is the sun.  It turns lovely sunny day rays into fast moving electrons.

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