The Finishing Touches


It’s hard to believe that after four years of plotting and planning, our new cidery is finally open to the public.  It has been quite a thrill to see fans walk through the doors of the Cider House and have a space to sample cider while learning all there is to know about Woodchuck®.

It took 15 months to complete construction.  One of the reasons why: most everything in the cidery was handcrafted.  From the cider tanks to the bottling line to the cider house timber frames, everything was constructed with the utmost care and used the finest materials we could find.  45 different Vermont companies were contracted to help us build what we think is the finest cidery in the United States.

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First Day of Spring


Springtime in Vermont

Happy Spring folks! While it is certainly a sign that we are headed towards sunnier days, a fresh coating of snow here in the Northeast has tempered our expectations on exactly when we will be hitting the beach. For the time being, we’ll just have enjoy this little blast of winter…  shouldn’t be too hard here in our home state of Vermont!

Still feeling down??  Look what starts shipping in the weeks ahead…
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Inside the Cidery


All of our cider is handcrafted and shipped from Middlebury, Vermont.  To put it simply, it’s a busy place!  From our Cider Makers working in the cellar to the production folks who bottle and ship our ciders, the daily scene within our walls is an awesome one.

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