Join us for the Woodchuck Cider House Summer Kickoff Party!


What an incredible winter here at the Cider House! It was our first snowy season in the new cidery, with many visits from fans nationwide. Now, we’re excited to transition out of those chilly days, and bring the fun outside. With the recent announcement of our 2nd annual Woodchuck Music Festival, Ciderstock, we can’t wait to kick off the summer season! So… why not throw another party, eh? We’re excited to announce the Woodchuck Cider House Summer Kick Off Party!

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Oh, Those Vermont Apples… Q&A with the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association


Steve Justis is the Executive Director of the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association. As part of our Earth Week 2015 campaign, he took the time to answer a few of our questions to help you learn what the association is all about! Read Steve’s answers below. 

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2014 on the Solar Orchard


Along with implementing Cow Power into our renewable energy portfolio, Woodchuck® Cider worked with AllEarth Renewables to install a Solar Orchard in Bridport, just a few miles down the road from our cidery.

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The Importance of Urban Forests


Ian Leahy, Director of Urban Forest Programs at American Forests, helps develop innovative programs that help communities better improve and manage their urban forest assets over the long-term. He took the time to give us a rundown on Community ReLeaf, and the effect our Woodchuck campaign has had and will have on American Forests’ mission.

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Earth Week 2015!


After a long and cold winter, the spring colors are starting to sprout. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite trees bud overnight. For us? Oh, the apple trees! Without those fruit bearing trees, not only would we miss the blossoms, but we would be missing our cider! Here at Woodchuck®, we work hard to keep an eye on the nation’s apple orchards, and the earth that bears them. We were one of the first to change our packaging to recycled material. We continue to work on bringing more renewable energy into powering our cidery, and support local and national organizations in the process. With the passion behind our green efforts, we’re excited to launch our Earth Week 2015!

For the sixth year in a row, we’re launching our Earth Week campaign for the week leading up to Earth Day. From April 15th through April 22nd, Woodchuck will donate a dollar to American Forests® Community ReLeaf Program and donate a dollar to the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association, for every new Facebook fan, Twitter follower, Instagram follower, E-newsletter sign-up, and for each referral from our current fans that results in someone signing up!

American Forests® Community ReLeaf Program is dedicated to the assessment, restoration and monitoring of urban forests. The program identifies cities that could benefit from their three phase activation, based on analysis and research from the urban forest managers. Once selected, these cities undergo a full urban forest assessment, restoration, and the execution of outreach and education. We’re proud to support this cause and your actions will result in trees planted around the United States!

The Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association works with local orchards here in the Green Mountains, and assists local farmers to grow and maintain their business in the state. The dollar donated will go towards research to help grow more apples for cider and marketing efforts by apple growers to get more people out to the orchard during the fall.

Over 47,000 tress have been donated to American Forests® since 2010, and over $12,000 raised for VTFGA’s mission since they joined the cause in 2013. So stay tuned! Not only will we be running the campaign for this great cause, but each day we’ll release fun content on how we work hard to implement eco-friendly practices, how you can contribute, and of course, how to enjoy this great planet! Please join in on our cause, and help us give back to the Earth that gives us the means to make the cider we all love.

Happy Earth Week 2015!

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