The new Cluster ‘Chuck Variety Pack!

IMG_4897headerOne of the big things we Give A ‘Chuck™ about here at Woodchuck® is innovation. That spirit leads to handcrafted cider styles that are constantly evolving. We aren’t afraid to try new ingredients or yeast strains or apple varieties. Around every corner our cider makers deliver the next great Woodchuck. We thought it was high time our variety pack evolved just like our ciders do.

Introducing the new… Woodchuck Cluster ‘Chuck™ Variety Pack!

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Introducing Woodchuck Cellar Series Sour Cherry!

Woodchuck Cellar Series Sour Cherry CiderHave the Cider Makers been at it again? Looks like they’re always at it! The newest addition to the Cellar Series line has been in the works for several years now. One of the head Cider Maker’s favorites to date, this style has undergone several stages of development, producing many different test versions of the liquid. As the final product is now bottled and ready to hit stores near you, we’re excited to announce the Woodchuck® Cellar Series Sour Cherry!

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Introducing Hopsation! The newest Woodchuck Core Style


It’s been quite a journey for our newest core style! First, as the jump starter of our Cellar Series line, Dry Hop pushed the limits of innovation with an aggressive amount of cascade hops. Since our fans kept asking to bring it back, we then revived the style on draft as Hopped Apple. Due to the overwhelming response, we’re excited to introduce the newest core style… Woodchuck®  Hopsation™! If you haven’t already tried this delicious liquid, this hop-forward cider has the pine and citrus aromas of those same great cascade hops. Combining our crisp apple taste with the bitterness of the hops, Hopsation is a semi-dry style, perfect to enjoy year-round!

Here at Woodchuck, we take pride in our innovation. Through our seasonal styles, and the ultra-limited small batches of the Cellar Series, our cider makers are able to share their creative genius with our amazing fans. However, it’s not often that a style makes it into our core line, making today’s announcement that much more exciting! Take a look back at the history behind each core, and how they made it into our year round selection!


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5 Ways to Keep Cool at your Summer Weddings


Here’s one for the ladies of the Woodchuck Community! We’ve reached the middle of July, and the summer wedding season is in full swing! We know this because collectively here at the Cidery, we have attended or have taken part in at least 25 weddings already this summer. You may have already rotated through those three dresses, and maybe you’re nailing down that present you finally found (You have a year post-wedding for the gift, right?). It is a blast to catch up with old friends and that destination wedding you’ve saved your vacation time for is just around the corner. The one issue? The summer heat is entering its peak! Not only is it distracting, but it can take a toll on your look! So what can be done? We Give A ‘Chuck™ about creating amazing memories, but there is no reason we can’t be comfortable while the good times roll! A refreshing ice-cold cider is an excellent option for cooling down but there are other ways to beat the heat. We asked the women of the Cidery their best tips for cooling down at a wedding and we wanted to share them with the Community. Here’s 5 ways to cool down at your summer weddings this season.

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How to Roll your own California Roll


Ready to break out that inner chef? Well we have that first step to steer you in the right direction. With the newest addition to our most innovative line, the Woodchuck®  Cellar Series Ginger Cider pairs perfectly with a plethora of dishes, but one of our favorites? Sushi! Now, we understand it’s difficult to think about rolling your own when you can head downtown and get that delectable Spider Roll prepared to perfection. So why not start simple? To pair with that refreshing Ginger cider, here is how to roll your own California Roll.

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