Cider 101

We work hard to source the finest ingredients and use them to handcraft only the highest quality cider.

We single handedly reinvented the U.S. hard cider category in 1991 through our flagship Woodchuck Amber. In the 20 plus years that followed, we have pushed the boundaries of the cider category while our passion to innovate has mirrored our insistence on handcrafted quality.

We are firmly rooted in Vermont and our cider is made in a cidery, not alongside mass market beer. We follow our own independent spirit when crafting our ciders. At a time when most were focused on the craft beer segment we passionately stayed our course to innovate and educate consumers on a traditional American beverage. In fact, cider is now the fastest growing segment in the US. Staying true to our roots, Woodchuck is Real Cider from a Real Place™.


Common Eating Apple varieties are those that are found in large numbers throughout US orchards and sold as fresh fruit in stores. A majority of our ciders are made from these apple types.

Cider Apple varieties are grown specifically for cider making. Sometimes called “spitters”, they are often bitter and not ideal for eating as fresh fruit. Some of our ciders incorporate these apple types.

Champagne yeast is used for most of our cider portfolio. While the exact strain is our little secret, we can tell you it is used because it best retains the fresh fruit character of the apple.