Announcing the Woodchuck Cider “Original” Sweepstakes!


Here at Woodchuck, we embrace originality. It’s the spark that fuels our innovative spirit.  There is an amazing crew of originals that make up the Woodchuck family. Together we work hard to deliver the best possible ciders to you day in and day out.  In 1991, we bucked popular trends and started making hard cider, a beverage that had fallen off the map in the early 1900s.  Through the last two decades we have carved out a path and others are now following us down the road.  The best part in all of this is that along the way, our fans made it known they were true originals too.

This is what makes Woodchuck special in our minds.  It is handcrafted BY a passionate group of originals FOR a passionate group of originals! Pretty cool.  So shall we get to the point of all this rambling??

We are happy to announce the Woodchuck Cider “Original” Sweepstakes.

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