Say HEY to Out on a Limb Cheeky Cherry!


They started with the delightful combo of Chocolate and Raspberry, and then moved on to aging ‘spitters’ in bourbon barrels.  This time? Well, they got a bit cheeky. When our Cider Makers went Out on a Limb™, not only did our tanks go tart, but they brought back one of our most highly reviewed Cellar Series styles. Formerly known as Sour Cherry, we’re excited to announce the Out on a Limb™ Cheeky Cherry!

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Go Out on a Limb™ with Spitter Splinter!


We’re going Out on a Limb™ again, but we stepped on a different branch.  While most of our ciders use the juice of common eating apple varieties, we decided it was high time to try our hand at using European bittersweet apple varieties.

Introducing Out on a Limb™ Spitter Splinter!

European bittersweet apples are often called “spitters”, as a bite into one will be difficult not to spit out. However, that tart fruit did find its niche elsewhere… good old hard cider. For centuries, the juice from spitters have been fermented for that favorable dry profile. Disappearing during prohibition, cider made a comeback in the states with the common eating apple.

Not only did our cider makers think it was time to bring those spitters back, but they were welcomed in style, and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for up to 2 years. The cider pulled woody vanilla and oak tones into the cider, adding to the already existing dry style. European spitters with a splinter of America. Now that’s what you call the best of both worlds.


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The First Out on a Limb™: Chocolate Raspberry!


With our new Out on a Limb™ series starting to hit stores, we’re excited to announce the first style of this innovative series… Woodchuck® Out on a Limb™ Chocolate Raspberry!

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We’ve made Chocolate cider before, and Raspberry cider as part of our core line. So combining the two? Why not! Infused with cocao nibs and fresh raspberries, this first style of the series has a fruity bite with a smooth chocolate finish. The bitterness of the nibs cut the sweetness of the crisp apple taste, creating what we like to call… delicious!

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Pink on Tap for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It’s now October, which means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time to bring attention to and support the 1 in 8 who have been diagnosed with the disease. Overall, it’s a time to Think Pink. Here at Woodchuck®, we’re not only thinking pink, but we’re pouring Pink! For the month, we’re showing our support and bringing back Private Reserve Pink on draft.

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Introducing Out on a Limb™!


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Here at the cidery, we Give A ‘Chuck™ about innovation. This passion has trickled through our Core styles and down to the crazy creativity of our Cellar Series line. I mean, who would have thought Chocolate cider was possible?!?! Only our mad scientists of cider. With the release of these various styles, we’ve found there’s been only one issue. Our fans can’t get enough of it! Whether it’s difficult to find, or it’s selling out too quickly, we keep getting requests to bring our more innovative styles (specifically our Cellar Series) into our patrons’ areas. Well that’s something it’s about time we remedy.

Introducing Out on a Limb™! We are switching up our Cellar Series line to make it easier for our fans to enjoy all the innovative styles released throughout the year. This six-pack will feature an ever-changing rotation of our ground-breaking ciders that we know the Woodchuck community is ready for. What’s it all about? Check it out.

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