Announcing Winter Chill Weekend!


During the Grand Opening Ciderbration this past summer, we realized two things.

  1. We have the best fans in the world.
  2. Nothing goes together better than Woodchuck® and music.

With incredible performances from some of our favorite bands, and the contagious energy from our ‘Chuck community, you could say we’ve been eager to bring the combo back. The added touch? Well with a fan base of outdoor enthusiasts, it only made sense to include our beautiful Green Mountains during this snowy white season. So hold on tight, as we’re excited to announce the Woodchuck Winter Chill Weekend!

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Woodchuck Day 2015! UNTAPPD Badge


The final countdown has begun for… WOODCHUCK DAY 2015!

For many, February 2nd, or Groundhog Day, is spent eagerly waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his harrowing shadow. Here at Woodchuck®? We still wait to see what our forecasting friend foretells, but we also like to celebrate with a pint. For us, February 2nd is Woodchuck Day. With events scattered across all 50 states, we take this time to celebrate the continuing growth of the cider world, and the exciting innovation to come with the budding seasons (no matter of how long winter lasts!). As for the ciders already near you? Get out there, try three different Woodchuck styles, and get the Woodchuck Day 2015 UNTAPPD Badge!

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What a Year: ‘Chuckin Cheers to 2014


As we reach the end of another year, it’s time to take a look back at what came with 2014. Here at Woodchuck®, it’s a time to reflect on the goals we set, the ones we accomplished, and how we’ve grown as a company. As for our 2014? Let’s just say it was quite the KICK-ASS year!

Let’s take a look…

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Woodchuck Chewy Gingerbread Cookies

IMG_9941header You’ve already impressed with the delightful Snickerdoodles, and now need to bring something different to the table. You’re looking for something tasty, chewy, and traditional. It’s time to try the Woodchuck® Chewy Gingerbread Cookies! Our flagship cider, Woodchuck® Amber, makes an appearance in this treat and brings some extra zest to a holiday favorite. Grab some spices and a 6-pack, and impress those in-laws!

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Woodchuck Winter Chill Snickerdoodles!


The sleigh bells are ringing, the Christmas lights twinkling, and the snow flurries are starting to fall. The holiday season is officially in full swing. It’s time to warm up by the fire, with a hot mug of cocoa (or cider!), and turn on those holiday flicks. There’s only one thing missing . . . a plate full of holiday cookies! Fresh out of the oven, there’s nothing like biting into a warm and chewy treat. Your kitchen counter may already have a plate or two, but we have one more to tempt that palate.

The Woodchuck® Winter Chill Snickerdoodle

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