Woodchuck® Day. A Visual Recap.

Woodchuck® Day has come and gone and we hope you got out there to  enjoy it!

We wanted to give a shout out to some of the great photos we saw stream in on the Instagram hashtag #WoodchuckDay.

KeychainThanks to @justmemarissaleigh for opening up Woodchuck® Day 2013 with this shot! Continue reading

Woodchuck® Day! Let’s Party!


Oh… Groundhog Day.  How boring you have become.  Learning about your shadow and it’s non-effect on the rest of winter isn’t enough to make me set an alarm on the morning of February 2nd.  The only real joy left in “Groundhog Day” comes from cable’s penchant for airing the comedic genius of Bill Murray paired with a flash of early-nineties Andy MacDowell brilliance. Continue reading

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